Who We Are

Founded in 2013, scPharmaceuticals has remained committed to extending the reach and benefits of outpatient care through a variety of innovative and proprietary solutions in the pharmaceutical space.

We continuously apply scientific, technologic, and practical strategies to identify solutions that reduce the burden of treatment for both payors and patients. And to better navigate the logistical and financial complexities of the healthcare system.

Through continuous improvement, collaborative thinking and a nurturing environment, we are constantly pushing the boundaries of possibility for heart failure patients and infectious disease treatment.

Career Opportunities


“scPharmaceuticals is the most cohesive organization that I have ever worked for. Sometimes you can’t really explain how the individual components can come together and make a great team and that is exactly how I feel about this company. There is something in the air around this company that gives you the feeling that we are going to be a very successful company.”
– Employee

What We Believe

We believe that by developing products that can treat more patients outside a clinical setting, we can improve patients’ comfort, maintain their dignity while recuperating, and transform disease management. We seek to attract a diverse group of the brightest minds and most passionate innovators to join us in this pursuit.

We find it equally important that individuals should be valued and appreciated for their contributions. We expect a lot from our employees. In return, we provide reward programs, a compelling benefits package, state-of-the-art facilities, and the ongoing opportunity for professional growth.

“There is open communication and collaboration. Everyone is hard working, intelligent, cares about doing the right thing for the patient. Ethical, exceptional teamwork, fun people, easy to work with and supportive. I’m always learning and feel encouraged to make decisions and grow professionally.” – Employee

What We Value

Upholding six key values, our culture creates a balance between logic and creativity, growth and recognition, confidence and respect, a good challenge and pure fun.


Our ownership mentality means we take both pride in our contributions and responsibility for our mistakes. As a goal-oriented team, we are rigorous and accurate in our pursuits, continually producing high quality work, while never overlooking the opportunity to learn and grow.


Our “all hands on deck” approach to problems fosters a collaborative and creative culture. We use systems of coordination to accept and delegate responsibility, empowering each employee with a clear understanding of their role. This encourages relationships built on trust and respect for one another’s time and effort.

Open & Empowered Communication

We promote an “open door” policy where employees make themselves approachable, receptive and honest. We seek responsible transparency across functions and levels. When sharing ideas, we encourage listening before responding and embracing perspectives that differ from our own.


We look for people who know how to “win” within the rules. Motivated by a strong ethical code, this team does the right thing, even when no one is looking. Our sense of honor is what inspires trust from everyone we work with – heart failure patients, physicians, nurses, and investors. We hold our partners to the same standard.

Cost Consciousness

We strive to be productive and diligent with our resources, continually identifying opportunities to responsibly lower costs and increase efficiencies. We find the right balance between expense and quality in our determination to best support our company, our investors and every stakeholder in our business.

Commitment to the Customer

We continue to prioritize our customers in everything we do. Our work is sharply focused on the needs and experience of patients, as we innovate towards a higher quality of life and an enhanced patient-provider relationship.

“I love the dynamic of our team; the challenge and that we aren’t daunted, but creative and resilient.” – Employee

A wide range of benefits.

We believe a full life leads to greater satisfaction and better engagement both in and outside of the workplace. This mindset has helped shape our benefits packages around the overall well-being of our employees.

As of March 2020, employees are permitted to work remotely until further notice.

Health Benefits

  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Spending accounts

Welfare Benefits

  • Attractive PTO
  • 401K Plan
  • Life and AD&D insurance
  • Short and long-term disability
  • Tuition reimbursement
  • Flexible Work Arrangements
  • Variety of rotating, healthy food and beverage options in office locations
  • Subsidized gym membership
  • Strong work/life balance