At scPharmaceuticals, we believe the benefits of moving care from in- to outpatient settings extend well beyond improved outcomes and reduced risks. A higher quality of life for patients, lower healthcare costs, and the potential for many patients to manage their own care are just a few of the advantages. We aim to break the cycle in acute care management by examining existing treatment paradigms and propelling new treatment options forward to deliver efficient and effective methods of outpatient care.

Some of the key historic missions of hospitals were, and continue to be, reducing cost, improving quality, and enhancing the patient experience. Moving the site of care from homes to hospitals was essential to maximizing and optimizing resources, expenses, and outcomes. With advances enabled by science and technology, it is no longer necessary to treat an ever-growing cohort of patients in the hospital setting. In fact, for some patients, being treated in the hospital actually increases their risk of morbidity and mortality.

While an outpatient approach to the diuresis of heart failure patients has been our initial focus, we’re committed to turning patient care inside out wherever we see the potential to improve upon an existing therapy or create a companion treatment approach. We envision that more patients will no longer be confined to clinical settings for treatment—allowing them the freedom, flexibility, and relief that being treated in their own homes can provide.

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