We continue to focus on ESG-related practices, which are integrated into our business strategy and planning including patient access to medicines, product safety, human capital management, and ethics and compliance. These are among the areas of focus that are critical to our long-term success and resiliency. We are therefore committed to increasing our transparency and further identifying issues that may have a material effect on corporate strategy, risks, opportunities or performance.

Patient Access and Safety. As a company, we are committed to patient access and affordability and to reducing the systemic financial and physical constraints inherent in the highest-cost setting for treatment of heart failure. The work we do in bringing our lead program to market is to improve the lives of patients, including those in underrepresented populations that can be disproportionally affected by heart disease. We also take steps to monitor safety in product manufacturing and in clinical trials, and to strive for a diverse representation of patients who participate in these trials.

Human Capital Management. Our future success depends on our ability to attract, develop and retain key personnel, maintain our culture, and ensure diversity and inclusion in our board of directors, management and broader workforce. As these areas directly impact our ability to compete and innovate, they are key focus areas for our board of directors and senior executives. A testament to our strong culture is our third year in a row earning a spot on the Boston Business Journal’s Best Places to Work list for companies of our size.

Ethics and Compliance. We continue to strengthen corporate compliance in advance of commercialization through our commitment to honest and ethical conduct and with clear oversight and accountability from senior executives and directors. Our Compliance Program and internal policies are based on the highest industry-standard principles for behavior in this area. This also includes annual training on our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, which outlines our commitment to ethical business practices and applies to all our employees, officers and directors.