Precision Technology & Unique Platform Design

scPharmaceuticals’ proprietary device technology enables subcutaneous administration of parenteral drugs – a delivery route previously not feasible.

The sc2Wear™ Infusor

Our device, the sc2Wear™ Infusor, serves as the platform for a pipeline of proven drugs that enables a new anytime-anywhere treatment model that is independent of a clinical setting. It is a convenient, comfortable, full-featured patch pump device that facilitates subcutaneous drug administration over durations, rates and volumes that can be tailored to specific drugs.

Micropiston Pump Precision Engineering

scPharmaceuticals core technology for the sc2Wear™ Infusor is a proprietary micropiston pump offering unmatched precision.

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Two-Component Platform Design

The sc2Wear™ Infusor is a first of its kind; a two-component solution with multiple benefits that reduce costs and discomfort for patients requiring subcutaneous administration of parenteral drugs.

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