Precision Technology & Unique Platform Design

scPharmaceuticals proprietary technology aims to transform patient care and reduce healthcare costs through innovative subcutaneous parenteral drug delivery.

The sc2Wear™ Infusor

Our device, the sc2Wear™ Infusor, serves as the platform for a pipeline of proven drugs that could enable treatment outside of the acute care setting. It is a comfortable, full-featured Infusor device that facilitates subcutaneous drug administration over variable durations, rates and volumes.

Micropiston Pump Precision Engineering

scPharmaceuticals core technology for the sc2Wear™ Infusor is a proprietary micropiston pump offering unmatched precision.

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Two-Component Platform Design

The sc2Wear™ Infusor is a first of its kind; a two-component solution with the potential to reduce costs and discomfort for patients requiring subcutaneous administration of parenteral drugs.

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