Micropiston Pump Technology

After a period of diligence on a wide range of technologies that could be used in a wearable, subcutaneous drug delivery device scPharmaceuticals selected the SenseCore micropiston pump technology.  scPharmaceuticals has exclusive use of this core technology for certain therapeutic areas and drug classes.

No other technology allows for the combination of advanced features and single-use. It offers the most advanced features for safety and convenience, but with the cost and utility of a disposable product.

Precision Engineering

The micropiston pump is a marvel of Swiss precision engineering developed by the Swiss company Sensile Medical. It is protected by a broad range of patents.

A rotary piston pump uses a combined rotational and up- and down movement to pump medication. The idea of a piston pump is nothing new. Piston pumps are typically manufactured out of metal and consist of large numbers of parts. Sensile designed a radically different version of the piston pump – it only consists of two components and is small – about the size of a dime.

SenseCore Technology

The SenseCore technology platform consists of two main parts:

Rotating shaft – The shaft is slotted and staggered to pump the fluids.

Fixed housing – The housing has two integrated valves to draw and deliver the fluids.

SenseCore-TechnologyHow it Works

  • As the pump rotates, the upward motion draws in the exact dose (figure 1A).
  • At some point in the rotation the inlet closes and the drug fluid resides in the pump with both valves closed (figure 1B).
  • With continued rotation and the downward stroke, the drug fluid is expelled through the outlet toward the needle and the patient (figure 1C).

Pump Volume and Metrics

The sc2Wear™ Infusor has a 10uL internal volume. This is about 1/5th the volume of a drop of water.   With every rotation of the pump a tiny droplet is drawn from the reservoir and expelled under the skin.

The pump does not require priming. When the pump is dry, the rotation will draw a vacuum that is strong enough to start the flow of drug and move the plunger in the internal drug reservoir, which resembles the barrel of a syringe.

Bi-directional Pumping

Contrary to most other drug delivery technologies, a micropiston pump can pump fluid in both directions.   This enables an important feature – the self-fill of the pump from a standard drug container such as a vial or cartridge.

Because of its versatility, the micropiston pump is expected to play a pivotal role in the innovation of drug delivery.