scPharmaceuticals Solutions

Delivering a New Approach to Patient Care

scPharmaceuticals is transforming drug delivery by delivering proven drugs through subcutaneous administration.


Deploying Innovative Technology

The device that makes subcutaneous delivery possible is the sc2Wear™ Infusor*, a small pump that attaches to the body using a standard medical adhesive. The sc2Wear™ Infusor introduces the drug into the body slowly. It avoids the skin effects and pain that could result from a faster, subcutaneous injection of a high-volume medication.

Working with Proven Drugs

The sc2Wear™ Infusor is tested with specific medications to ensure that the medication can be successfully delivered. The medication is then packaged with the sc2Wear™ Infusor. The drug-device combination is distributed, dispensed and reimbursed as a pharmaceutical.

Two of the first medications being tested with the sc2Wear™ Infusor are furosemide for congestive heart failure and edema, and ceftriaxone for certain bacterial infections.

With the combination of proven drugs and the sc2Wear™ Infusor, scPharmaceuticals aims to deliver a better treatment experience for patients.


*CAUTION: Investigational Product – Limited by Federal Law to Investigational Use.