scPharmaceuticals Solutions

Delivering a New Approach to Patient Care

scPharmaceuticals is changing treatment paradigms and reducing the burden of disease by delivering proven drugs through a new route of administration. scPharmaceuticals takes proven drugs that were once only available intravenously (IV), and makes them available subcutaneously.


Solving Problems

Subcutaneous delivery solves many problems for patients who depend on IV drugs:

  • Less discomfort
  • No need to travel to a clinical setting
  • No need for PIC (peripherally inserted central catheter) line placement
  • Lower cost

Deploying Innovative Technology

The medical device that makes subcutaneous delivery possible is the sc2Wear™ Infusor*, a small pump that attaches to the body using a standard medical adhesive. The sc2Wear™ Infusor introduces the drug into the body slowly, similar to an IV drip. It avoids the skin effects and pain that could result from a faster, subcutaneous injection of a high-volume medication.

Subcutaneous delivery with the sc2Wear™ Infusor is generally just as effective as IV delivery.

Working with Proven Drugs

The sc2Wear™ Infusor is tested with specific medications to ensure that the medication can be successfully delivered. The medication is then packaged with the sc2Wear™ Infusor. The drug-device combination is distributed, dispensed and reimbursed as a pharmaceutical.

Two of the first medications being tested with the sc2Wear™ Infusor are furosemide for congestive heart failure and edema, and ceftriaxone for certain bacterial infections.

With the combination of proven drugs and the sc2Wear™ Infusor, scPharmaceuticals is delivering a better treatment experience for patients.

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UPDATE: scPharmaceuticals announced positive pivotal trial results for its proprietary furosemide for subcutaneous delivery and the start of its pivotal trial for the subcutaneous delivery of ceftriaxone.


*CAUTION: Investigational Product – Limited by Federal Law to Investigational Use.